Cassetted Roller Blinds
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(3rd July to 6th `August 2022)

Cassetted Roller Blinds

Cassetted Roller Blinds offer the ultimate in Room Darkening. Initially developed for use in Photographic Studios and laboratories where light reduction is necessary, these are now available for home use. 

Utilising a Blackout Fabric, held within side Chanels and a header pelmet, the light ingress is dramatically reduced over a standard Roller Blind. The good news is that almost any Blackout Roller Blind Fabric can be used with the Cassetted system.

Parts of Cassetted Roller Blinds

How it Works

The Roll of fabric is housed inside a  Powder coated metal pelmet which is fitted to top of the recess. Powder coated metal channels are then fitted to the left and right hand sides of the recess. The fabric runs inside these channels, reducing light ingress from the sides of the blind. Finally the bottom bar on the roller blind fits neatly into a Chanel fitted across the windowsill.

The Pelmet and Channels are currently only available in White and Black.

Once installed the blind is operated manually, via a child safe crank handle, or a chain. 

Black Cassetted Roller Blind

All in all, the Casssetted Roller Blind offers an excellent solution for Children’s Bedrooms, anyone who works nights and sleeps during the day, or anyone who wants a darker room. In addition they offer the best solution for windows in gaming rooms, home cinemas and man caves!

It is important to mention that the Cassetted Roller Blind will darken the room very well, however they do not offer total Blackout. There are no blinds available that will offer total blackout as light will always find a chink and a way in. However they do offer the best solution for room darkening currently on the market.

Please book a consultation with one of our knowlegable team for more information on the Cassetted Roller Blind. Don’t forget, we measure and expertly install for free!

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