Full Height Shutters
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Full Height Shutters

Full Height Shutters are our most popular style. Covering the window from top to bottom, these shutters give a clean uncluttered look and feel to the room.

With the addition of a Mid-Break (don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be in the middle of the window) you can operate the Shutter Louvres independently top and bottom. This allows you to regulate light and privacy to a further extent.

Full Height Shutters are an excellent choice in bedrooms, as they offer privacy from the neighbours and are an effective room darkening window covering. In addition to the thermal properties closed shutters naturally have, they can also help reduce noise penetration (when closed of course)

Bay Windows

Bay windows look particularly attractive when fitted with Shutters. Additionally the fact that they are Child Safe by Design means that they can be fitted in the children’s bedroom without worry. Covering the windows with Shutters also helps with Audio and Thermal Insulation, when the doors and louvres are closed!

Our knowlegable Consultants are happy to talk you through all aspects of Full Height Shutters. They will cover all the options and be able to furnish you with a Quotation.

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