Installation of your Blinds and Shutters is an integral part of the service we offer at Hampshire Blinds and Shutters. So we always want to make sure that it’s done right!

There are a few things we do differently here to some of our National based competitors.
Most importantly, we employ all of our staff, and that, of course, includes our team of fitters.
Employing our own installers means we can train them to fit your blinds the way we (and you) want them fitted. That is to say, they will be securely fitted using the correct rawl plugs and screws (where necessary), in a neat and tidy fashion.
Our Fitters Understand our Blinds

Our Fitters understand the products that we sell. 

Whenever we look to offer new products, our fitters look at them first.  

They will sometimes take them apart, and put them back together again, to ensure they understand them and how they work. All of this is done before we add them to our collection and offer them out to our customers. On occasion we have rejected selling blinds from certain manufacturers because our team do not rate the quality of the build or fixings.

Expert Fitting

Right Tools for the Job

Our team is kitted out with all the tools they need, including a variety of cordless drills and equipment for every situation. As they carry a selection of fixing they have no issues in fitting onto any surface, from plasterboard, through steel lintels to porcelain tiles!

We are committed to complying with any relevant legislation and therefore always fit any necessary Child Safety Devices correctly, every time.


Our fitters are given extensive training with a seasoned fitter before they are sent out on their own. This training time varies depending on the skill and experience of the fitter, and careful consideration and assessment will be made by our Fitting Manager prior to sending them out.

What does this mean for you? Well, you can be assured that whom ever comes to fit your Blinds or Shutters will be careful, considerate and will complete the job to the absolute best of their abilities. And, most importantly, will know what they are doing!

Fitting Checklist

Once the Blinds Installation is completed, Our fitters carry out a Fitting Checklist with you. This Checklist covers all the main aspects of the installation experience, and gives you a chance to offer any feedback. We are always grateful for feedback as it helps us improve our service where necessary, and see if further training is required.

So if you are looking for Made to Measure Blinds and fitting, then Hampshire Blinds and Shutters is here to help.

For more information please contact us or book a consultation.