Blinds for Doors

Sometimes choosing the best type of blinds for doors can be tricky especially if they are the popular Bifold Doors. There are so many choices and some work better on wider doorways than others. I have put together a brief guide to help with the decision process. 

Vertical Blinds on Doors

Vertical Blinds are a very practical solution for wide openings, so ideal for doorways. Reasonably priced and perfect as a privacy and light combination, it’s easy to see why they are popular. We have a massive choice of fabrics to choose from, meaning they can complement every decor. With the easy to use mono-operation wand operation they are Child Safe too! Draw them back in the same direction as the opening Bifold Doors so they stack on the same side as the doors for maximum space efficiency.

Roller Blinds on Doors

Roller Blinds are becoming more a popular option for doors. On wide openings multiple roller blinds we fit multiple blinds. With the addition of a motor, opening the blinds couldn’t be easier. 

Roll the blinds down to offer sun protection where necessary, or alternatively roll them up out of the way for a full view out. And with a huge range of fabrics, textures, colours and even recycled fabrics to choose from, it’s easy to find the right one.

Roller Blinds on Doors

Intu and Perfect Fit Blinds

The Intu and Perfect Fit style of blinds fit against the glass of the door. With brackets which push in behind the rubbers, there is no need for screws when fitting these blinds. We offer Perfect Fit and Intu Blinds as Pleated, Aluminium and (in selected sizes) Roller. Additionally, there is no need to open the blinds in order to open the door, they simply travel with the door, offering a simple solution. Intu and Perfect Fit Blinds are Child Safe By Design.

For Bifold Doors there is also the slim-fit Micro Intu available. The slim design suits many styles of doors. Additionally they can be used where standard Perfect Fit and Intu blinds would prevent the easy opening of the Doors.

Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds

Curtains On Doors

Doors look fantastic framed with curtains. Using a thermal interlining make them great at keeping the heat in during winter months, and gives a cosy feel. A very practical and elegant choice in a room where privacy during the day is not necessary.

Curtains on a door

Plantation Shutters  For Doors

The ultimate in sophistication, Plantation Shutters look amazing in every setting. When fitting to a wide expanse such as a doorway, we use a Tracked System. This allows the shutters to glide effortlessly back and forth making accessing the doors easy and stress free.

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