Roman Blinds in a Bay

Best Blinds for Bay Windows

What are the Best Blinds for a Bay Window. Well, it depends on your preference, the style of your Bay, as well as what you need the blinds for.

Common Types of Bay Windows

Square Bays. Sometimes referred to as Box Bays these typically have 3 sides and right angled corner posts.

Splay Bays. Also known as canted or angled bays, these have angled side panels usually of around 130 degrees.

Curved or Bow Windows. These, as the title states curve and are typically made up of 5 panes.

Multifaceted Bays. These are typically bays of 6 or more panels.

Shutters in a Bay window

Bay Window Shutters

Shutters are an excellent choice for many Bay Windows. We butt the frames of the Shutters together to create a seamless covering. This eliminates many of the light gaps experienced with most other types of blinds. As these are typically at the front of the house, Shutters also offer privacy when needed.

Cafe Style, Full Height, and even in some cases Tier on Tier look amazing on Bay Windows. These desirable window dressings really add impact andd elegance to a room.

Wooden, Faux Wood or Aluminium Venetian Blinds

A more cost effective covering than Shutters for Bay Windows, Venetian Blinds are a popular choice. These work particularly well in Splay Bay Windows. Fitting neatly in front of the window handles, simply pull them up out of the way to maximise light in the room.

Perfect Fit Aluminium Venetian Blinds

These fit neatly to each pane of the Bay Window. Keeping the blinds completely clear of the window sill, leaves space for photos and other ornaments.

wooden Venetian blinds in a bay

Vertical Blinds

With the use of a curved track, Vertical Blinds can be neatly fitted in a curved or multi-faceted Bay. Additionally attach straight Vertical Blinds on each side of a Splay or Square Bay to offer privacy and light reduction.

Roller Blinds

It is possible to fit Roller Blinds to some Bay Windows. However, due to the nature of roller blinds, the result can sometimes have unattractive gaps. Particularly noticeable when fitted in Square Bays.

Roller Blinds in a Bay

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds look very attractive in Bay Windows. With the massive selection of fabrics available, the finished result can really make an impact in a room. Roman Blinds work well on most Styles of Bay.


With the use of a curved track, curtains make an effective solution on Bay Windows.

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Vertical Blinds in a Bay
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Vertical Blinds
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