Pleated Blind in a Large Window
Pleated Blinds

Pleated Blinds

Once the option for Conservatory Roofs, Pleated Blinds have steadily become more popular. This is down to their excellent thermal properties and the terrific range of colours and operating options available.

Thermal Properties.

Many of the single pleat fabrics use a Solar Reflective coating on the window facing side of the blind to reflect out sun and heat in the summer and reduce heat loss in the winter.

The cellular fabrics cleverly trap air in the cells which also improves thermal insulation.

Operation of Pleated Blinds

Free Hanging Pleated Blinds

Typically attatched to the top of the Recess using top fix brackets. Operated either with a cord and cleat system or using the Smartrise system allowing you to raise and lower the the blind via a handle. The Smartrise Operating system is Child Safe By Design as there are no hanging cords.

Tensioned Pleated Blinds.

Tensioned Pleated Blinds are usually fitted close to the glass on the windows. Fitted using brackets at the top and small feet at the bottom. There are tensioning cords which run between the headrail and the feet, allowing for the blind to be held in any position required.

Tensioned Pleated Blinds are Child Safe by Design.

Day or Night Pleated Blinds.

Day or Night Pleated Blinds have 2 different fabrics depending on wheather you wish to have light filteing privacy or block out the light from passing through the fabric.

Motorised Pleated Blinds

Motorising Pleated Blinds can make the operation easy and stress free. Eliminating any hanging cords makes them Child Safe. Operated via remote control or simply by speaking with the addition of a home hub.

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