Temporary Blinds Fitted While you wait for your Shutters

Temporary Blinds Fitted While You Wait For Your Shutters

We understand that Shutters take time to arrive, and this can leave you without any covering at your windows for some time. If this is the case, then we have some good news for you. As part of our service, we are now happy to provide Free Temporary Blinds on any windows where it is necessary. 

What are Temporary Blinds

Temporary Blinds are a simple pleated paper blind. Cut to size the blind is fixed to the window using an adhesive tape. The blinds are simply removed, and any traces of the adhesive cleaned prior to the shutter installation.

Raise the blinds by pleating them and securing in place with the supplied clips.

Please note, the Free Temporary Blinds come in White for Living areas and Black for Sleeping areas. There may be occasions when more than one blind is needed to over the glass.

These are not moisture resistant and no replacement will be given if they are allowed to get wet or are ripped, torn or otherwise damaged during the time they are installed.

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