Perfect Fit Shutter Lite
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Perfect Fit Shutter Lite 

Perfect Fit Shutters are the ideal solution where there is limited windowsill space. Neatly fitting close to the glass, Perfect Fit Shutters work on the same principle as other Perfect Fit products. The clever brackets slot behind the window rubbers and the Shutter Lite frame clips into the brackets, meaning there is no need for messy drilling and screw holes.

The louvres can be tilted and closed completely giving light and privacy options.

Currently available in 2 classic colours and the extremely popular 63mm slat width these can be used as a complement to conventional Plantation Shutters.

Are Perfect Fit Shutter Lite Suitable for Me? 

There are a few specifications that are necessary when considering Perfect Fit Shutters.

The windows need to be Upvc with a standard rubber beading between the glass and the Upvc frame with enough space behind the rubber to slot the brackets. The bead depth (the distance between the face of the upvc and the glass) needs to be a minimum of 2cm.

If your windows have these then Perfect Fit Shutters can be a solution.

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