Cafe Shutters
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(7th August to 3rd September 2022)

Café Style Shutters

Often referred to as half height shutters, Café Shutters cover just the bottom section of a window. With movable louvres in the shutter panels allowing the ultimate in Privacy Control.

This neat solution offers privacy, whilst, additionally, allowing natural light to flood the room.

Many mistakenly believe Café Style Shutters will always come half way up the window. However they are customisable, with the choice of their finished height being up to you.

We have fitted some which cover 2/3rds of the window, 3/4s and, in a couple of instances just 1/4 of the window!

The important thing is that, in every one of these cases they created a visual barrier where it was needed the most.

Popular Areas for Cafe Shutters

Cafe Shutters look amazing in any rooms. However they work particularly well in rooms where privacy is required, but room darkening is not as important.

Additionally With the flexability offered by shutters of either tilting the louvres, or opening the door panels completely, Café Shutters could be just the solution for you.

Available across our range, giving the full choice of painted colours and stains for your Half Height Shutters.


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