Day and Night Blinds

What are Day and Night Blinds? Well, Day and Night Blinds are types of blinds which offer light diffusion and privacy during the Day, but darken the room at night. 

There are a number of different options which fall into the category

Duo Blinds 

Duo Blinds fall into this category. Sometimes referred to as Zebra or Vision Blinds they make a very simple style of Blind. With fabric comprising of sheer strips and opaque horizontal fabrics mounted to a roller blind tube. Simply align the strips to see through the blind, or keep them alternate for room darkening. 

Motorise the Duo Day and Night Blinds for the ultimate in ease of control and Child Safety.

When Motorised operate the blinds either via a remote control, or, with the addition of a Hub, via an app or smartspeaker.

Duo Roller Blinds

Available in a wide variety of colours and textured finishes, making Duo Roller Blinds suitable for all Decors.

Duo Blinds will dim the light, however may not be the best Day and Night option if room darkening is important.

Day to Night Pleated Blinds 

Day to Night Pleated Blinds comprise of two Tensioned Pleated Blinds connected by a handle bar. The fabric at the top is room darkening and the one at the bottom, light diffusing. 

You then have the option of choosing which of the fabrics you would like to cover the window. Tensioned Pleated Blinds fit neatly in the recess, with very small gaps, meaning they darken the room down more than a Duo Blind.  However they have a larger stack at the top of the window when the blind is fully raised.

Again you have a wide choice of fabrics and colours, ensuring colour complementation with your decor.

Day to Night Pleated Blinds

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