Window Shutters

Window Shutters, or Plantation Shutters as they are also known, have become exceedingly popular over the last few years. Offering an ideal way to combine privacy and light. And they look good too! 

With a choice of Louvre widths and colours, you can tailor shutters to suit pretty much any window or door space and room decor.

Tier on Tier Shutters

Styles of Shutters

Shutters come in various different styles. Which one you choose will depend on your personal circumstance, however I have put together a brief description of each.

Full Height

Full Height Shutters cover the top to the bottom of the window. Depending on the height and design of the window a fixed, or hidden Midbreak offers more flexibility of light and privacy. By allowing the top louvres to move independently from the bottom louvres on the door. Particularly useful in bedrooms where the top louvres can be slanted to allow natural light into the room, whilst keeping the bottom slats closed for privacy.



Cafe Shutters

Cafe Shutters are sometimes referred to as half height shutters. These are designed to only cover the bottom section of the window, leaving the top completely clear. Cafe Style Shutters are particularly suited to rooms which require privacy only on the lower portion of the window.  It is important to note, however that the top section cannot be added later. 

Tier on Tier

Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier on Tier Shutters have separate doors covering the top and bottom sections of the window.As a result they offer the coverage of Full height Shutters with the option of opening the top doors for a Cafe style look.  

Louvre widths

All our Shutters are available with different Louvre widths. Choosing the size that will complement your window and personal aesthetic is important, and our consultants are happy to give advice on this. 

63mm Louvres

these Shutter louvres are one of the most popular around Surrey. Due to their elliptical style they give around a 50mm gap between each slat and work well on all styles of Shutters. It is worth noting that the 63mm louvre is often the best choice for Bay windows as the shutters can be fitted closer to window handles and still allow for the louvres to tilt. Offering a tighter, more attractive look.

76mm Louvres

These Louvres are becoming more popular. The slightly wider slats offer a clean, uncluttered look especially when combined with the Semi or completely concealed tilt options.

89mm Louvres

Ideal on larger windows or doors the 89mm Louvres look amazing. With a wider space between each slat the louvers can be tilted to shade from the heat of the sun whilst allowing visibility out. 

114mm Louvres

The 114mm Louvres are available on some of our Shutter Ranges. These Wide Slats typically look best on very tall windows or doors. Perfect for areas where privacy is less of a concern as the louvres need to be tilted a long way to achieve this.

Full Height Shutters

Hinge Colours

The standard hinges on our Shutters are small , but visible. They are available in a variety of colours with many of the painted finishes having close colour matches. In addition we also offer Brushed Chrome, Brass, Antique Brass and Black amongst others. The great news is that these are all the same cost, so the choice is yours.

Build Quality

All of our shutters are built to last. That is why we offer a 10 year guarantee across all of our ranges. The majority of our Shutters are built using Mortice and Tenon joints for strength. Additionally they are coated with flexible Water Based Paints to ensure the shutters can expand and contract without damage to the paint surface. 

Tracked Shutters

MDF vs Wood Shutters

One of the most popular materials for Shutters is MDF. Made from wood particles bound with resin the result is a strong, hardwearing material. Due to its nature MDF Shutters are suitable for many windows and doors except areas of high moisture. Also, typically one of the most cost effective materials for Shutters.

Wood Shutters are also suitable for most windows and doors, however, again, should not be used in areas of high moisture as wood can be prone to warping. The woods used are typically lightweight hardwoods, chosen for their speedy growth and knot free structure. Wood is an excellent insulator and this can be particularly useful when using on windows with single glazing to help with heat retention when the shutters and louvres are closed.

Please contact us to find out more about our range of Shutters.

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