Tracked Shutter Doors
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Tracked Shutter Doors

With so many people fitting luxurious Bi-fold doors to access their outside space, there needed to be a solution to cover them, Tracked Shutters are an ideal option.

Tracked Shutter Doors run along a special track fitted to the top of the recess. A small guide rail is fitted to the floor to assist the easy opening of the shutter.

Tracked Shutters come in two types:

By-fold Shutter Doors are the most popular style.

Typically fitted to fold back in the same direction as the doors meaning the shutter stacks with the doors protruding inwards, where the doors stick outwards.

By-Pass Shutters are less frequently chosen, however can be an excellent choice. With this style of Shutters the doors slide behind each other, much like sliding patio doors. This style is better suited to wider openings.

With the option of all louvres, or half loured half solid panel, Tracked Shutter Doors give the ultimate in flexibility.

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