Electric Wooden Venetian Blinds
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Electric Venetian Blinds

Electric Venetian Blinds makes an easy to use, Child Safe Blind. Therefore we have a number of different options for Motorising Venetian Blinds.

Electric Wooden Venetian Blinds

Rechargeable Battery Operated Wood Venetian Blinds

Powered by a Somfy Motor, these blinds have an external battery pack. Simply fitted behind the headrail of the blind, meaning it is discrete yet easy to access for recharging.

The Battery Pack is easily detached for charging. Under normal usage, the charge will last between 4 and 6 months.

Due to the weight of the blinds, rechargeable motors are only available for selected sizes of Blinds. Please book a Consultation for more information.

240v Mains Operated Electric Wood Venetian Blinds

For larger Blinds a Mains Operated Motor may be the answer. Connected to the power via a 3pin plug. Meaning they do not require recharging. Once installed the power cables are neatly fixed to the wall and pinned into place.

Remote Controls

Both Mains and Rechargable Motors are operated using a remote control. These are available in 2 main types. The single channel Remote Control operates a single blind. Multi Channel Remotes operate multiple blinds using different chanels. These simple to use controllers make easy work of operating the blinds.

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Compatible Home Hubs

In addition, operate the motors via an app, or by smart speaker, with the use of a Home Hub. Thus opening up a range of additional features, such as timers and away from home operation. Certainly very handy if you are out late and want to close the blinds!

Aluminium Venetain Blinds

Electric Aluminium Venetian Blinds

We also supply Motorised Aluminium Venetian Blinds. Driven with similar Somfy Motors, again there is the choice of Motors. Battery operated uses an external Battery Pack fitted behind the blind headrail. Mains Operated motors use a 3 Pin Plug and Socket for power.

The addition of a Home Hub connecting the Blind motor to a Smart Phone App or Smart Speaker gives the ultimate in ease of use. Simply ask the Smart Speaker to raise the Blinds. Or use timers and other scene senarios in the App.

Electric Venetian Blinds are not only easy to use but also Child Safe by Design.

Child Safe By Design.

Fitting a Wooden Venetian Blind or Aluminum Venetian Blind with an electric motor removes the necessity for cords to operate. Thus making the blinds Child Safe by Design.

Electric Faux Wooden Venetian Blinds

Our popular range of Faux Wood Venetian Blinds have the option of tilt only motorisation. A great option if you rarely pull the blinds up, and most often tilt the slats for privacy.

Please be aware, additional child safety devices are required to comply with the current legislation because the motors only operate the tilt.

Please contact us for more details on Motorised Venetian Blinds.

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