Child Safe Blinds

Since 2014 it has been the law to offer and fit Child Safe Blinds.

There are several types of Child Safe Blinds, those that are Safe by Design, and those that require an additional component to make them Child Safe.

Child Safe By Design Blinds include:

Choosing Child Safe By Design Blinds removes any risk posed by blind cords or chains. These are the most popular options in areas where young children are likely to be present.

Blinds which require an additional element to make them Child Safe include:

  • Roman Blinds (manual operation) – require Tensioning device on chain to hold it against the wall
  • Roller Blinds (manual operation) – require Tensioning device on chain as above
  • Wood and Faux Wood Venetian Blinds (Manual Operation) – Require Cleat to wrap the cords around fitted to the wall
  • Aluminium Venetian Blinds – Require Cleat to be fitted as above
  • Cord and Chain operated Vertical Blinds – require Tensioning device on chain as above
  • Cord Operated Free Hanging Pleated – Require Cleat to be fitted as above

We fit all required Child Safety devices as part of our installation process and will explain how they work.

Where possible, Child Safe options will be offered.

Safety Tips

Choosing Safe By Design window coverings is always the safest option. However if you choose blinds with looped cords, reduce the risks by

1) Tying up the cords securely out of children’s reach, using the cleat after every operation.

2) Moving your child’s cot, bed, playpen or highchair away from the window blind.

3) Moving other furniture away from the window blind too, as young children love to climb.

Please contact us for further information or see the BBSA Make it Safe Page here

When you purchase a Blind from Hampshire Blinds and Shutters our fitters will ensure all necessary Child Safety devices will be fitted.

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Child Safe Blinds

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