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Wooden Window Shutters

Although Shutters are often made from a range of different Fabrice such as MDF and Polyvinyl, natural Wood is a very popular choice. And there are a number of reasons for this.

Why Choose Wooden Shutter Blinds?

Wood is a fantastic natural Insulator. And not just Heat, Acoustics as well. When you close the Shutter Doors and the louvres tightly there is a reduction in the amount of noise that penetrates them.

They are fantastic for keeping rooms cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Slatted Window Shutters will block out a fair amount of light making them pretty good at room darkening.

Simply tilt the louvres to allow a combination of light and privacy.

Available in a wide variety of stains and painted finishes including custom colours. Meaning there are shutters to suit all decor.


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Types of Wood Used in Our Wooden Window Shutters


Paulownia is a group of trees which are some of the fastest growing trees on the planet. Trees reach maturity in under 10 years and yield a strong, lightweight timber making them excellent for use in Shutters.

In addition to the fast rate of maturity, once harvested the Paulownia trees regenerate from their existing root system, giving them the nick name of Phoenix Wood.

Due to the fine grain on the timber, Paulownia has a very smooth finish when painted and can also be Stained with an excellent result.

Our range of Paulownia Shutters is available in a wide range of painted colours as well as stains.


Basswood is another light weight wood which is typically used for making Wooden Venetian Blinds.

Again Basswood is fast growing, with trees reaching maturity in as little as 12 years, making it an excellent choice for Wooden Window Shutters.

Our Basswood Shutter is made from Finger Jointed Basswood, making it strong and hardwearing. Due to its construction it is only available in a painted finish, however there is a great selection of these.

Ash Wood

Ash Wood is the top of the range for Wooden Plantation Shutters. This durable wood has a natural deep grain which shows through the paint and stain to give a unique and luxurious look.

The longer growth time allows the wood to mature slowly and develop a strong, durable structure, ideal for Shutters.

Our Ash Wood Shutters have their own colour swatch, due to the unique look when stained or Painted and come in a lovely collection to complement any décor.

Build Quality

All our Wooden Window Shutters are manufactured using Mortice and Tenon Joints and the Sides of the doors are re-enforced to help prevent any warping. They are all available as Full Height, Tier on Tier, Café Style and Tracked Shutters

All our Shutters are measured and fitted by our expert team of installers and come with our excellent 10 Year Guarantee.

But we don’t offer Just Shutters! We have an extensive range of Blinds and Curtains too!

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